Friday, June 17, 2011

My Graduation Ceremony

Last night was my graduation ceremony from college with an AAS in Respiratory Therapy. I was so excited to walk across the stage to get my degree in front of my friends and family. The last past 18 months has been a very long road to achieving my degree, but I DID IT!!! I had a lot on my plate during school, 3 days a week I had 12hr clinical shifts and 2 days of 5hr class & lab time. With all of that I still had to find time to study, try to keep my house in order and clean, house clean didn't happen very much, keep up with my 4 kids. I owe so much to my oldest boy who is 19, he helped out with the kids, 2, 5 & 14, while I was at school, clinical sites and studying. I have to admit there were times, a lot of times, that I wanted to throw in the towel and quite school but my hubby made sure that didn't happened. I meet a great bunch of classmates that mean the world to me and their friendship. When school got out it's sad that I don't get to see them every day in class, but last night during ceremony sitting there it was like we where back in the classroom being our silly self's.

Some of my classmates with our Clinical Director and Teacher

Me with my Program & Clinical Director

Me with my 2 sister, 3 of my kids and my husband

Me with my 2 sisters

Me and my 4 kids

My family

Me and my oldest son
Now the fun things is passing my national board exam, and then finding a job and making real money and not having to depend on 1 income. Then maybe just maybe my hubby can take it easy for a few weeks at work knowing that there is an other income coming in besides his. I'm looking forwards to seeing that the future will bring.

I very much want to say thank you and lots of love to my wonderful family that I couldn't have done this without them and being by my side through this journey.

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  1. Congratulations!!! How exciting!

  2. Congratulations - you are an inspiration!!

  3. Hey just so you know you were the winner on my blog so please email me your address so I can send you your prize.